Backdrops & Step-and-Repeat Banners

Event Backdrops

Event Backdrops or Step-and-Repeat Banners for events, ceremonies, conventions and more.

  • Full-color Large Format Printing.
  • Custom Sizes available.
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Event Backdrops or Step-and-Repeat Banners

Backdrops or Step-and-Repeat Banners are used at Red Carpet Events, Awards Ceremonies, Press Conferences, Product Launches, Nightclubs, Weddings etc. These usually feature logos or images of event, organizers, sponsors or brands in alternating columns or pattern.

Step and Repeat Banners serve as a backdrop when the arriving guests, invitees or celebrities are photographed or interviewed by the media on the red carpet. This gives the event and its sponsors more publicity when these visuals appear in the news or social media. Backdrops are also used on the main stage at conferences and press conferences.

Our one-stop Large Format Printing services can design, print and deliver Backdrops and Step-and-Repeat Banners for your event at affordable rates.

Product Details

  • 8ft x 8ft
  • 8ft x 10ft
  • 8ft x 12ft
  • Custom Sizes
  • Min. Order - 1
  • Full-color Large Format Printing
  • Vinyl or Cloth
  • Grommet Holes and Zip Ties for holding the banner
  • 2-4 Days

  • 2-4 Days
  • Rush Printing Available
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