Packaging labels

Packaging Labels

Falcon can get your packaging labels printed in custom sizes at affordable rates.

  • Custom designs with full color printing
  • Variety of materials to choose from
  • One-stop services - Design, Printing and Delivery
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Custom printed packaging labels - Shrink Sleeve Labels, Booklet Labels, Coupon Labels etc.

Falcon can design and print packaging labels for use on bottles, cans, boxes, food containers and gift boxes, on a variety of materials including self-adhesive paper, vinyl, white/transparent BOPP etc. They can be printed as Pre-cut Sheets, Cut-to-Size or Roll Labels.

We offer a wide variety of labels for Product Packaging purposes .

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels cover or envelope a container from top to bottom with 360 degree graphics, text, and colors. They can be used for product containers in any shape - round, square, rectangular, or custom shapes and all types of containers (glass, plastic, and metal). Shrink sleeve packaging is used for a variety of products such as dairy, drinks, cosmetics, cleaning products, health-care, pharmaceutical and single serve packaging.

Roll-fed labels

Roll-fed labels are a durable, cost-effective labeling product. They’re film wraparound labels that come without backing or adhesive, reducing waste and promoting high application rates. With decades of experience delivering labels for brands in every market, we’ve perfected every step of the process, from printing to delivery.

Booklet Labels

Booklet Labels (Expanded Content label or Extended Text label) can be used to print Product instructions, Multiple languages, Compliance data, Caution or warning information etc. when a limited space is available to put out large volume of information or graphics. A booklet label is a multi-panel foldout leaflet that is laminated to a die cut pressure sensitive label.

Coupon Labels

Coupon labels can be used for promotions, discounts, rebates, contests or other sales incentives and come with a peel-off top for for use by the customer.

Variable Information Labels

Variable information on labels can be used for labels with Serial Numbers, Bulk Mailing, Barcode Labels for Case and Pallets, Promotional Labels etc.

Product Details

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Min. Order - 100 for small sizes
  • One, Two or Full-color Printing
  • Lamination
  • 2-3 Days

  • 4-6 Days
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